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La Selva Shop is a unique product line that started in Fall 2016 with the intentions of bringing hope and pride into the community of Back of the Yards, south side of Chicago. La Selva is the Spanish translation for “The Jungle” a novel written by Upton Sinclair where he describes the hardships and struggles of immigrants working in the Chicago Union Stock Yards, now known as the Back of the Yards. Constantly hearing negative perspectives about the community in the media drew me to start my business. As a local fine-artist, graphics designer, and a social-active member of the community, I needed to change that narrative. My products embrace pride for the community through fashion and design.

La Selva Shop’s success has reached across the country connecting former Back of the Yards residents that take pride in the neighborhood as well as delivering nostalgic childhood memories.

Behind the Logo

When I was creating the logo for La Selva Shop, I wanted to capture the history behind the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The first thing that came to mind were the Union Stockyards and its contribution to Chicago and the world. I used the image of a ham leg using gory typesetting to depict the slaughtering of the pigs and cattle in the stockyards.

Awards and Recognition 

Peace and Education Coalition of Back of the Yards Leadership Award 2018

Featured on

South Side Weekly- Best New Pop-Up in Back of the Yards

Block Club Chicago- Chicago Neighborhood Designs Often Ignore Back of the Yards, So This Artist Created His Own

Sixty Inches From The Center- The Southwest Nest: An Interview with Rolando Santoyo (English & Espanol)

Univision Chicago

‘La Selva Project’, la innovadora iniciativa que busca mejorar la imagen de un vecindario de Chicago

Por: Univision| Publicado: Jul 13, 2017 | 03:26 PM EDT
Por medio de la venta de varias prendas de vestir y la creación de varios murales, Rolando Santoyo, un joven emprendedor, busca crear una imagen positiva del vecindario Back of the Yards que ha sufrido de graves problemas sociales

La iniciativa con la que este joven pretende cambiar el estigma del barrio de Las Empacadoras

Por: Univision| Publicado: Nov 26, 2017 | 06:20 PM EST
Rolando Santoyo diseñó playeras, gorras, calcomanías, portavasos y hasta aretes con el propósito de mostrar el orgullo por su vecindario. El joven empresario asegura que con arte quiere contrarrestar la violencia que se vive en el barrio de Las Empacadoras.

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